Consign with Art.i.fact

Is your closet bulging at the seams with beautiful clothing, shoes, and accessories? Consider consigning with Art.i.fact!

Art.i.fact has a distinct aesthetic, and we are selective with the items we consign. Please review “what we love” to learn more.

  • Please make an appointment if you are a new consignor or have 10 or more items, including jewelry and accessories. If you are a current consignor and have fewer than 10 items, you may bring them in during regular business hours and, if possible, we will review your items while you wait. Otherwise, we will ask you to fill out a “drop and go” form. We’ll call you if there are any returns, and we ask that you pick these up within three days. Items left beyond three days will be donated to one of the nonprofit organizations we support.

To make an appointment, call us at 505-982-5000 or email us at See below for more details.

We accept most items based on season:


transition from winter to spring; light jackets, long pants. No wool, please.


spring items, including light dresses, cotton skirts, sandals.


summer items, including shorts, sundresses.


transition from summer to fall; long-sleeve tops and dresses, jackets, light sweaters


fall items, including medium weight jackets and sweaters, corduroy, cashmere.


winter items, including heavy coats, wool, down, fur. Holiday wear is accepted through Dec. 15.


Most boots are accepted year-round. All items must be in ready-to-wear condition.


Call or email us for an appointment. Let us know how many items you plan to bring in. Please see our sheet “What we love/don’t love” to get an idea of what we’re looking for.


Bring your items neatly folded in bags or boxes; hangars are not required. We will select what we believe our customers will buy. We consider style, brand, condition, and demand. We accept or deny items based on our best judgement of the market.


We look for items that reflect the current season. In addition, items must be:
• clean, pressed, and in ready-to-wear condition
• free of stains
• have working zippers and all buttons in place
• free of holes or ripped seams
• free of odors, including cigarettes, pet odor, and moth balls


Our consignment period is for 60 days. You will receive 40% of the actual price sold if you choose to receive a check. If you opt to use store credit, you will receive 50%. Prices will be reduced during the 60 days to promote their sale. We may also reduce prices on items that are found to be flawed; these items will be sold “as is.”


You may request a check on or before end of business day on Wednesday to receive a check on Friday of the same week. If you wish to have your check mailed to you, you must supply a self- addressed, stamped envelope. If you do not supply a stamped envelope, we will mail your check and deduct $1.50 for shipping and handling. For accounting purposes, we ask that you pick up payments within one year. Payments that have not been picked up within one year will become the property of Art.i.fact.


Items that are not sold within the 60-day consignment period must be picked up within 7 days. You will receive an email reminder. Items that are not picked up within 7 days of receipt of the email reminder will be donated to a local nonprofit organization.


While we do our best to safeguard your items, we are not responsible for items that are stolen, lost, destroyed by a natural catastrophe or facility defect, or mishandled by careless shoppers.