Outside the Lines Opens May 14 at the ART.i.factory

Hanging Around

Dark humor meets whimsical charm in Outside the Lines, the new exhibition at the ART.i.factory gallery opening on Saturday, May 14. The artists’ reception will be from 4 – 7 p.m.

M. Gold and Drew McGee express a fascination with the shadowy side of our collective reality. Their drawings and collages point to a world just beyond what we all like to imagine as “normal.” For example, Gold has a piece featuring a characters that look like they were pulled from the pages of old Dick and Jane reading books — except they are wearing dinosaur skeleton heads. McGee has a drawing of a young girl with long dark hair wearing a polka dot dress — but she’s hanging upside down from a ivy vine. Normal, yet not, seems to be the mantra of these two artists.

This is McGee’s first major gallery show. A self-taught artist, she began exploring drawing a year ago. “I have always sought out mysterious things — things that point to a reality much vaster and stranger than my own,” she explains. “Last May, I was sitting in my sister’s apartment, my life was in shambles and I thought, ‘I’ve always had these images in my head, images I’ve been searching for but haven’t been able to find. So I might as well try to draw them myself.’ And I did. They just emerged. It was really astonishing.”Tower

Gold started making art when she worked for an underground New Mexican record label designing cover art and press releases. Her grandfather, a graphic designer and commercial artist in the ‘40s and ‘50s, gave her volumes of vintage clip art, which now form the basis for much of her work. “I love old images — how they are printed, and the quality of papers found in vintage books and magazines,” Gold says. “Most of all, I enjoy the hunt for that perfect image that works with what I am designing. When images fit together seamlessly, as if their new arrangement was always the intention, I am happy.”

The exhibition runs from May 14 to July 10. The gallery is located inside of Art.i.fact Consignment boutique at 930 Baca St., Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505.

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