Resurrecting Isis: Two Artists Explore an Ancient Name

levey_missing_pLong before ISIS was the acronym of a brutal terrorist organization, the word identified a powerful and compassionate Egyptian goddess who w
as attributed with spreading wisdom, technology, and the arts – in addition to values and traditions that are present with us today. Santa Fe artists Patti Levey and Andrea Vargas have created an installation that celebrates Isis the goddess and all that she has stood for over time. The opening reception will be held Saturday, Sept. 24, from 4 – 7 p.m. at Art.i.fact’s art space, the ART.i.factory.

Isis­–the goddess of life, death, and rebirth–was worshipped in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. According to legend, she used magic to bring Osiris back to life after he had been murdered and hacked into pieces. Metaphorically, she resurrected a culture and fostered a religious and political renaissance.

Using photography, drawing, and hand-painted silk tapestries, Levey and Vargas create a provocative environment that incorporates ancient and modern symbols. Together, they reposition the legacy of Isis as present, accessible, and timely.

“To resurrect Isis’ legacy is to acknowledge her capacity for wise and just leadership,” says Vargas. “In this way, the propagation of peace is not through violence, but through remembering – and power is most present in the womb itself.”

The exhibition will run from through Nov. 12. The gallery is located inside of Art.i.fact consignment boutique at 930 Baca Street.

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