TYPEFACE: The Works of Austin Eichelberger

Join us for the opening reception of “Typeface: The Works of Austin Eichelberger” on Saturday, Feb. 9, from 4 – 7 p.m. The event will include poetry readings at 6 p.m. featuring Austin, Serena Rodriguez (IAIA poetry and memoir student, poetry editor for the Santa Fe Literary Review), Jesse Short Bull (IAIA poetry student), and Jennifer Love (IAIA English and writing professor, winner of Santa Fe Reporter’s 2017 writing contest for fiction).

TYPEFACE is a series of double-exposed photographs overlaid with poems that reflect Austin’s love of words and images. “In both crafts, I’m drawn to how layers can be utilized: Double-exposed photos are literally pictures blended together, and my poems center around layered images that I hope will evoke emotional reactions.”

Austin primarily identifies himself as a writer, but admits he has a hard time writing about himself. “I specialize in fiction partially because I can write about my feelings through characters and mix my experiences with theirs. In poetry I often take on a speaker who is not myself because I find it easier to be emotionally honest speaking through someone else,” he says.

Photography  – and especially self-portraiture – has given him a new tool for self-expression. “In this project, I took the opportunity to bring two versions of myself together: my words and images joining to more fully express ways the world has felt to me.”

Austin chose to call the exhibition TYPEFACE because specific fonts visually represent and illustrate words. “As a creator showing my face (and visual point of view) simultaneously with my writing, the title seemed only appropriate, and I hope it also brings a little levity to the show, which isn’t meant to be overly-serious,” he says.

“I love surreal art and writing because I believe other worlds can be glimpsed in moments of beauty and deep emotion, so in my art I try to convey the landscapes I see embedded in the world around me when I experience those things,” Austin explains. “My urge to create comes from a desire to connect people, both to myself and to others, and I hope these pieces resonate on multiple levels with my readers/viewers, creating a layered connection without us ever having met.”

TYPEFACE will be on view in the ART.i.factory through April 3. The show is presented by CurateSantaFe.

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