"Neighbor:" A Solo Show by Britta Albrecht

Landscape paintings are ubiquitous in Santa Fe, but Britta Albrecht takes the subject matter to an entirely different place. Combing watercolors with pen and ink, Britta creates geometric shapes that seem like echoes of nature rather than realistic portraits. Meet Britta and see her latest work for "Neighbor," her solo exhibition that opens on Saturday, April 13, from 4 - 7 p.m. "My newest body of work is centered on the idea of creating portraits of landscapes and highlighting the unique emotions and personalities of our unfailingly present neighbors," Britta says. "I find true comfort at the sight of a mountain ridge, the simple lines and shadows surrounding a tree, and the colorful, woven textures of the earth. I aim to convey these comforting sights in a new way and invite viewers to be present and reflect on the powerful presence of our neighboring landscapes." Britta adds that she hopes to "channel visually the intrigue and wisdom of our neighbors and bring them to a space where others can realize again the comfort and strength they provide." The exhibition is produced by Curate Santa Fe, and will be on view through June 8.
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