Tips and Tricks: Caring for Cashmere

cashmere sweater

We've had more than a few snow days, and chances are, you've worn your favorite cashmere sweater more than a few times. No need to hustle it over to the dry cleaners! You can safely hand-wash your cashmere by following these steps: Use warm water and a gentle detergent. I like The Laundress Wool and Cashmere Shampoo. However, a gentle dish soap also will work. Fill a tub or sink first. Don't let the water run directly on your sweater, as it can stretch the fibers. Place your sweater in the tub/sink and gently swish. Dump the soapy water and refill with warm clean water. I do this at least twice until I know the soap is out. Empty the water and gently press the sweater against the sides of the tub/sink. Some experts recommend spreading the sweater on a clean white towel and rolling it to get the water out. I choose to gently squeeze my sweater over my plants (they always need a drink). I never wring the sweater, as this will pull the fibers. Reshape your sweater on a flat drying rack. If you'd like a visual demonstration, take a look at this Real Simple video. Have a great February! Warmly, Jennifer & Michael
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