Clothes for a Cause

Make a real fashion statement. 

Direct your consignment dollars to a cause you care about.


If you’ve got a big heart and a big closet, we have a proposition for you. Consign those pieces you no longer love (or no longer fit…) with Art.i.fact and direct the proceeds from your sales to a cause you care about.

How it Works: You can direct 50% of the proceeds from your consignment sales to a local nonprofit organization of your choice. When your consignment period ends, your contribution will be mailed to the organization with your name and address so that they can send you an acknowledgement for your tax records.

It’s a win-win for everyone: Your clothing gets a second life with a new owner. You get more closet space. And an organization that is working to improve the lives of New Mexicans gets a needed boost.

To learn more, contact Jennifer Rowland at