Clothes for a Cause

Make a real fashion statement. 

Direct your consignment dollars to a cause you care about.


If you’ve got a big heart and a big closet, we have a proposition for you. Consign those pieces you no longer love (or no longer fit…) with Art.i.fact and direct the proceeds from your sales to a cause you care about.

Art.i.fact has teamed up with the Santa Fe Community Foundation (SFCF) to create Clothes for a Cause, a program that allows you to target your consignment dollars to areas of need in northern New Mexico. Since 1981, SFCF has been dedicated to supporting the development of healthy and prosperous communities in our region.

How it Works: You can direct 50% of the proceeds from your consignment sales to local causes you care about by choosing from one of SFCF’s current initiatives. When your consignment period ends, your contribution will be transferred to SFCF with a note on which initiative you wish your dollars to be applied. SFCF will provide you with a letter of acknowledgement for your tax records.

Alternatively, you may choose to earmark your dollars for one of the nonprofit organizations that have an agency endowment with SFCF. For a list, please visit We’ll send your consignment proceeds to SFCF, and they’ll take care of the rest.

It’s a win-win for everyone: Your clothing gets a second life with a new owner. You get more closet space. And an organization that is working to improve the lives of New Mexicans gets a needed boost.

To learn more about Clothes for a Cause or to set up your consignment account, contact Jennifer Rowland at artifactsantafe@gmail.comFor more information about SFCF, contact Gabriela Gomez at or visit