How to Consign

Is your closet bulging with beautiful clothing, shoes, and accessories? Consider consigning with Art.i.fact!

Like most consignment boutiques, Art.i.fact has a distinct aesthetic. Some days we go elegant; other days it’s jeans and boots. We wear what makes us feel pretty, funky, hip, and just plain good. Please review our list of brands to learn more.

Please note: We are currently taking consignment by appointment only. To make an appointment, call 505-982-5000 or email artifactsantafe@gmail.comAll items must be cleaned according to the garment instructions, seasonally appropriate, and in ready-to-wear condition. We are not taking drop-offs at this time.


We seek out:

• Global designers

• Distinctive, collectable vintage garments

• Natural fibers

• Embroidery

• Texture

• Beaded details

• Leather handbags and accessories

• Made in USA/Japan/France/Italy/etc. 

• Boots! Cowboy, booties, lace-ups

• Conceptual items

• Current, on-trend pieces

• Cool sunglasses and sterling silver jewelry

• Fabulous scarves and wraps

• Men’s designer shirts


We are more selective with:


Jersey basics

Athletic gear

Forever 21/Target/Sonoma brands



In general, we don’t accept:

Traditional prom/bridesmaid/wedding dresses





Here’s our consignment calendar:

January: Transition from winter to spring. Light jackets, sweaters, long pants. No heavy wool, please.

February/March: Spring items, including light dresses, cotton skirts.

April/May/June: Summer items, including sundresses and sandals.

July/August: Transition from summer to fall. Long-sleeve tops and dresses, jackets, light sweaters

September/October: Fall items, including medium weight jackets and sweaters, corduroy, cashmere.

November/December: Winter items, including down and wool coats.


Consignment Terms & Agreement (Please print and sign this pdf)

  1. Call or email us for an appointment. Review our brand list to get an idea of what we’re looking for.
  2. You can bring up to 20 items, including clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. Clothing should be on hangers. We select what we believe our customers will buy. We consider style, brand, condition, and demand.
  3. Items should reflect the current season and must be:
  • clean, pressed, and in ready-to-wear condition
  • free of stains
  • have working zippers and all buttons in place
  • free of holes or ripped seams
  • free of odors, including cigarettes, pet odor, and moth balls
  1. Prices generally are reduced during the 60-day consignment period to promote their sale.
  2. You receive 40% of the sold price if you choose to cash out. If you opt to use store credit, you receive 40% plus an additional 10%. You may set up your account to benefit a local nonprofit. If you select this option, we will donate 50% of your proceeds to the organization and coordinate with them to send you an acknowledgement for your tax records.
  3. To receive a payout for your sold items, we offer two options. You can call or email us by the close of business on the Wednesday of the week you wish to be paid. We will transfer funds via Zelle or Venmo to you on Friday. If you are not able to use Zelle or Venmo or you are not comfortable with either of these, we will cut checks once a month. To receive a check, let us know by the 10th of the month. We will have checks available on the 15th of the month. If you wish to have the check mailed, we will charge $2.50 for postage and handling, unless you’ve provided a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  4. For accounting purposes, checks must be picked up within three months of issuance. Some banks will not cash a check that is three to six months old. If that happens and we need to re-issue you a check, we will deduct a $5 fee for the re-issue. If you lose your check, we will charge a $40 fee to issue a stop payment and replace it. Checks that have not been picked up within six (6) months of the date of issuance will become the property of Art.i.fact.
  5. If you pick up a check or a check is mailed to you and you do not cash or deposit the check within six (6) months, we will issue a stop payment and the amount of the check will be recredited into your account with us minus a $40 stop payment fee.
  6. For accounting purposes, if your account with us is inactive for more than one (1) year, any balance remaining in your account will become the property of Art-i-fact. An inactive account means that there was no money credited into your account and no requests for payments or use of store credit since the sale of your last items or last activity in your account. If money is recredited into your account pursuant to #8 above, and there is no activity in your account and no requests for payment or use of store credit are made within six months, the amount recredited into your account will become the property of Art-i-fact.
  7. If you retrieve your items within the first 30 days of consignment, you will be charged $2.50 per item for early release.
  8. You will receive an email when your 60-day consignment period expires. You will have 7 days to retrieve your returns. Items that are not picked up within 7 days will be donated to a local nonprofit organization.
  9. While we do our best to safeguard your items, we are not responsible for items that are stolen, lost, destroyed by a natural catastrophe or facility defect, or mishandled by careless shoppers.